Humboldt County Office of Education: Children and Family Specialist: Curriculum Resource Specialist

Notice: In July 2022 HCOE classified job descriptions were re-classified. We are working to get the classifications changed on individual job descriptions. A PDF mapping these changes can be found here. For questions please contact the HCOE Personnel Office at (707) 445-7039.

HCOE Job Description

Children and Family Specialist: Curriculum Resource Specialist

Position Summary

Under the general direction of the Program Manager for Early Childhood Education, the Children and Family Specialist shall provide expert consultation and specialized training to promote best practices and support First 5 Humboldt’s Strategic plan. To provide program and staff development/technical assistance to programs receiving funding from First 5 Humboldt. To provide direct support in the form of child development and child rearing information to families, other caregivers and program leaders participating in the programs. To enhance family services collaboration by coordinating the 0-8 Mental Health Collaborative and co-leading the Early Success efforts through Decade of Difference and participate in associated efforts.

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide technical assistance via site visits, phone and e-mail correspondence to playgroups, playcenters, Community Transition Teams and other programs as designated in the Training and Technical Assistance plan and other First 5 Humboldt programs as assigned.
  • Work with program leaders, First 5 Humboldt representatives and participating families to assess training needs and develop appropriate trainings/workshops for parent and family support programs.
  • Provide child development and parent/caregiver education via “Omi on the Road”work, “Ask Omi” column and trainings.
  • Facilitate 0-8 Mental Health Collaborative Advisory Group and help to coordinate the Collaborative’s trainings and follow-up offerings.
  • Serve as a co-leader for the Decade of Difference Early Success Workgroup. Participate in Decade of Difference projects, as time allows.
  • Participate in First 5 Humboldt subcommittee meetings as assigned, CSEFEL Humboldt, Resiliency Building Group, Early Childhood Consortium, and the Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council.
  • Meet with key informants and attend trainings to further First 5 Humboldt’s Parent and Family Support efforts as assigned.
  • Participate in monthly Partners in Early Enrichment Program Support (P.E.E.P.S.) meetings and monthly Leadership meetings at HCOE.
  • Participate in program evaluation, report preparation and report delivery as assigned.
  • Supervise Humboldt State University Master in Social Work students for First 5 Humboldt as assigned.

Employment Standards

Education, Training and Experience

Possession of a valid California teaching credential based on a Bachelor’s degree in education or related field and student teaching required or a Masters Degree in Social Work; administrative services credential and advanced degree desirable. Possess at least 5 years of successful direct service to children in and families. Possess specialized skills, specific experience and advanced training and/or certification in early childhood development. Demonstrate a record of excellence in making small and large group presentations, collaborating with community agencies and communicating clearly with community partners.

Physical Abilities

  • Physical, mental and emotional stamina to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position under sometimes stressful conditions;
  • Manual dexterity sufficient to write, use telephone, business machines, operate an automobile;
  • Vision sufficient to read printed materials;
  • Hearing sufficient to conduct in person and telephone conversations;
  • Speaking ability in an understandable voice with sufficient volume to be heard in normal conversational distance, on the telephone, and in addressing groups;
  • Physical agility to push/pull, squat, twist, turn, bend, stoop, and to reach overhead;
  • Physical mobility sufficient to move about the work environment (office, District, from school or home site to site), to drive an automobile;
  • Physical stamina sufficient to sit in a child’s chair, squat at children’s eye level, and to sand or walk for prolonged periods of time;
  • Physical, mental, and emotional tolerance to be exposed to the noise generated by children in an enclosed environment;
  • Mental acuity to collect and interpret data, evaluate, reason, define problems, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, make valid judgments and decisions.

Additional Requirements

Individuals who serve as Curriculum Resource Specialist provide services in the office as well as in various sites throughout the county, sometimes serving multiple sites in a single workday. Public speaking skills, group problem solving and leadership ability, the ability to communicate effectively in writing and the capacity to maintain personal demeanor during periods of peak work flow and perform efficiently within restricted timeframes are critical factors for success in this position.

Individuals who serve as certificated or classified management personnel must be willing to modify days/hours and to work additional days/hours on occasion with appropriate compensation and be willing to travel using their own transportation with mileage reimburse, or county office fleet vehicle, as the job may require.


Personnel Director

Jenny Bowen
Director of Personnel Services

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Natalie Carrigan
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