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Humboldt County Office of Education: Program Manager, Early Childhood

HCOE Job Description

Program Manager, Early Childhood

Position Summary

Under general direction of the Instructional Support Services Division in collaboration with the Child Development Department of the California Department of Education (CDE) and the School Readiness Advisory Committee of the Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (CISC), provides overall leadership and coordination of the school readiness project including professional development for teachers and administrators consisting of research, information, resources and best practices focused on school readiness and transition to kindergarten; performs other related duties as assigned.

Directly Responsible To

Assistant Superintendent

Duties and Responsibilities

(Any one position may not include all of the listed duties, nor do all of the listed examples include all tasks which may be founding positions within this classification.)

Regional School Readiness Networks

Establishes and maintains a regional school readiness network that provides current information and research, resources, sharing of best practices and is responsive to community needs; designs and implements a results-based regional work plan to be reviewed by CDE and the CISC School Readiness Advisory Committee; facilitates at least three network meetings per year focusing on language and literacy/mathematics; participates in and contributes to state level activities as related to the Statewide System of School Readiness Networks; attends statewide professional development meetings and activities as needed; documents local and regional practices to inform public policy; measures and monitors results of regional activities by participating in the development of an evaluation system that includes data collection methods to measure results; participates in the development of information and systems to establish communications to schools and programs; submits reports based on the regional work/evaluation plan; coordinates collection and submission of all reports to CDE.

Training and Technical Assistance

Participates in statewide professional development designed for the Regional School Readiness Leads; organizes and/or facilitates school site/district/county-wide technical assistance based upon statewide standards and expectations; provides and facilitates professional development for teachers and administrators that is articulated with the K-12 content standards and/or school/district programs, is consistent with statewide standards and expectations, demonstrates integration of child development with developmentally appropriate learning in pre-K content areas, and demonstrates integration of early childhood assessment and evaluation and curriculum-embedded assessment; provides leadership, support and resources to school sites, districts, and county offices; facilitates communication among program practitioners, and informs program practitioners of available resources, events and opportunities within the region.

Minimum Qualifications

Education, Training and Experience

Possession of a valid California teaching credential based on a Bachelor’s degree in education or related field and student teaching required; administrative services credential and advanced degree desirable; successful site or district experience in the development, administration and monitoring of curriculum and instructional programs with specific experience in state and regional early childhood school readiness programs and initiatives; progressively responsible experience in providing professional development for teachers and administrators.

Knowledge of

State and regional early childhood school readiness programs and initiatives, including program characteristics, funding sources, populations served, staff development priorities, and research-based practices; goals of pre-K and K-12 content standards, curricula, instructional programs and Desired Results System; characteristics of quality early childhood/school readiness programs; local, regional and statewide resources available to programs; strategies for coaching and mentoring, developing and maintaining peer support networks, and disseminating research-based curriculum/instructional programs.

Skill and Ability to

Design and implement a results-based regional work plan; establish and maintain a regional network system; provide leadership and support to school sites, districts and county offices; organize and facilitate school/district/county-wide technical assistance; provide and facilitate professional development programs; develop evaluation systems; communicate effectively in both oral and written forms; work cooperatively and effectively with individuals and groups; ability to select, train and supervise staff; ability to effectively transmit knowledge and skills to others; skill to develop measurable goals and objectives, set priorities, monitor expenditures, and evaluate projects/programs towards achievement.

Other Characteristics

Possession of valid California driver’s license and willingness to travel as needed.

Hours of Employment

40 hours per week.


Appropriate placement on Certificated Managers Salary Schedule

Physical Abilities

Physical, mental and emotional stamina to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position under sometimes stressful conditions; Manual dexterity sufficient to write, use telephone, business machines, operate an automobile; Vision sufficient to read printed materials; Hearing sufficient to conduct in person and telephone conversations; Speaking ability in an understandable voice with sufficient volume to be heard in normal conversational distance, on the telephone, and in addressing groups; Physical agility to push/pull, squat, twist, turn, bend, stoop, and to reach overhead; Physical mobility sufficient to move about the work environment (office, District, from school or home site to site), to drive a an automobile; Physical stamina sufficient to sit in a child’s chair, squat at children’s eye level, and to sand or walk for prolonged periods of time; Physical, mental, and emotional tolerance to be exposed to the noise generated by children in an enclosed environment; Mental acuity to collect and interpret data, evaluate, reason, define problems, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, make valid judgments and decisions.

CLASS 2: 7/01/2012

Personnel Director

Jenny Bowen
Director of Personnel Services

Administration Office

Natalie Carrigan
Administrative Assistant III

Press Inquiries

Ken Conlin
Communications Center Manager/Public Information Officer