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Humboldt County Office of Education: Program Descriptions – Nutrition Services

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Nutrition Education Program Descriptions

Harvest of the Month
The goals of Harvest of the Month are to promote reading and to increase enjoyment and consumption of fruits and vegetables. Over 175 local K-5 grade teachers participate in this program where their students have the opportunity to taste and explore a different fruit or vegetable each month. Along with the featured produce, teachers receive an educator packet that includes a newsletter with ties to curricular areas such as mathematics, science, art, reading and history. In addition, teachers receive a grade appropriate book highlighting the featured produce making a strong connection to literacy.
Farm Field Trips
Farm fieldtrips bring students directly in touch with local agriculture. The fieldtrips are designed to connect kids to healthy food in authentic ways ultimately inspiring them to eat more fruits and vegetables. Children learn about where food comes from through hands-on garden based education and enhance their understanding of agriculture and nutrition through cooking and tasting experiences in the garden.
After School Based Nutrition Education Programs
An extension of classroom-based Harvest of the Month, in the after school program students are given additional opportunities to try the monthly featured produce again prepared in a new way. The goal being that the more children are exposed to a food, the more they are likely to taste it and integrate into a part of their diet. Each month a recipe featuring the Harvest of the Month produce and all necessary ingredients and supplies are delivered to participating programs. Additional nutrition education and physical activity components are modeled at the monthly Redwood After School Network meetings.