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2020-2021 Harvest of the Month Materials

At HCOE Nutrition Progams and Services we bring a fresh approach to student health! Harvest of the Month is at the heart of our efforts. Below are the materials that educators, families, and students can use to explore each Harvest of the Month item during the current school year.

Lemon Cucumber Artwork

September 2020 – Lemon Cucumbers

Featured Farm: New Moon Organics

Native Berries Artwork

October 2020 – Native Berries

Featured Producer: Oceanside Jams

Carrots Artwork

November 2020 – Carrots

Featured Farm: Willow Creek Farms

Beans Artwork

December 2020 – Beans

(No video this month)
Oranges Artwork

January 2021 – Oranges

Featured Farm: Lemon Cove Ranch

Kiwis Artwork

February 2021 – Kiwis

Featured Farm: Pierce Family Farm

Dried Fruit Artwork

March 2021 – Dried Fruit

(No Big Book this month)
(No video this month)
Beans Artwork

April 2021 – Asparagus

(No video this month)
Celery Artwork

May 2021 – Celery

(No Big Book this month)

(No video this month)
Strawberries Artwork

June 2021 – Strawberries

(No recipes this month)

(No video this month)