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Humboldt County Office of Education: The Parent Project ®

Three images of parents and teens

The Parent Project ®

Virtual LIVE Online Zoom Classes
Thursday Mornings | July 16-Sept. 24 | 9-11 a.m.

When facing the toughest adolescent behaviors, parents need three things: desire, information, and emotional support. The Parent Project® provides all three elements in an 11-week workshop that will build a foundation your child cannot shake!

During the Summer of 2020, this 11-week series will be held online via Zoom Conference on Thursday mornings from 9-11 a.m., July 16 through Sept. 24.

Register now! Call (707) 825-2538

No Tuition Cost | Technology Support and Devices Available

Weeks 1-7: Step-by-step, concrete skills for preventing and interrupting risky teen behavior. Learn why teens think the way they do. Develop a tailored plan for your family.

Weeks 7-11: Fine-tune and implement your intervention plan and continue to develop effective tools to strengthen your relationship with your child.

Hosted by: The City of Arcata, Marshall Family Resource Center, and Humboldt County Office of Education

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Focus Areas
  • Arguing, Backtalk, Family Conflict
  • Poor School Performance
  • Truancy and Dropping Out
  • Influence of Social Media and Technology
  • Early Teen Sexuality: “Hooking Up”
  • Drug Use by Teens and Pre-Teens
  • Gang Involvement
  • Teen Violence and Bullying
  • Those Dicey Peer Associations
  • Running Away and Breaking Laws