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Humboldt County Office of Education: Frankenfish: A Farmed Atlantic Salmon Story | REEF – Redwood Environmental Education Fair

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REEF WordmarkOnline  •  May 11 – June 30, 2020  •  3rd-8th Grade

Frankenfish: A Farmed Atlantic Salmon Story

Tribal fishermen scramble to contain a spill of farmed Atlantic salmon in north Puget Sound before they tarnish local waters, shedding light on a global struggle between farmed and wild fish. Annie Crawley worked with the Lummi Tribe, Wild Fish Conservancy, Lummi Island Wild, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife and many others to tell the story of the farmed Atlantic salmon spill into the Salish Sea in August 2017. The event sparked a movement of people to speak out against Atlantic salmon net pens in the Puget Sound. Although our state government has taken action to remove the net pens, they are still in other parts of our world ocean. We hope this film will ignite others to choose wild salmon over farmed salmon and create awareness around the impact farmed salmon can have to wild populations.

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