Wordmark: Building Literacy
Text: Presented by the Redwood Writing Prject and HCOE

Decoding Excellence: Fostering Word Recognition Proficiency Across Grade Levels

Presenter: Karla Tice
Session 4 | Annex


Explore the insights of the Science of Reading on Word Recognition in this presentation designed for educators. Delve into the research surrounding struggling readers and gain a comprehensive understanding of how to best support students across diverse grade levels. Discover practical activities that can seamlessly integrate into your daily teaching routine to reinforce Word Recognition skills. Join us as we bridge the gap between theory and classroom application, empowering educators with actionable strategies for effective literacy support.

About the Presenter

Karla Tice has spent the last decade working in the Fortuna Elementary School District. With a drive to improve the reading outcomes of struggling students, she has created and implemented a wide range of intervention programs and literacy strategies. She has used effective teaching principles for student improvement in her teaching experience across elementary and middle school classrooms. Her primary goal is to support schools in their implementation of effective literacy programs for all students.