Wordmark: Building Literacy
Text: Presented by the Redwood Writing Prject and HCOE

Literacy and Multilingual Learners

Presenters: Agustín Amaro & Erisan Villafaña Torres
Session 1 | Annex


We will have an interactive session with participants related to three essential areas for language learning and literacy of all multilingual learners; interacting in meaningful ways, learning about how English works, and developing foundational literacy skills. Educators will design meaningful instruction to help create educational spaces that lift up the promise, power, and genius of multilingual learners.

About the Presenters

Agustín Amaro is multilingual learner educator—with over 25 years of experience in educating students in California. Currently a Learning Specialist for the Humboldt County Office of Education in multilingual learning and history-social sciences, Agustín is also a lecturer for the World Languages and Cultures Department and the School of Education. He also does other work in the community like serving on the language access committee for the Humboldt County Office of Elections.

Erisan Villafaña Torres is a 2020 Humboldt State University graduate, very excited to be working in a field that she has wanted to for a very long time and to be helping reduce language barriers that are present among minority communities. Erisan has been interpreting for her family since she was very young and now she gets to help other families as a Bilingual Community Liaison with the Humboldt County Office of Education.