Wordmark: Building Literacy
Text: Presented by the Redwood Writing Prject and HCOE

Poetry and Inclusion: How Poetry Can Help Students Feel Seen, Heard, and Successful as Writers and Lifelong Learners

Presenter: Yavanna Reynolds
Session 2 | Annex


In this presentation, I hope to help instructors learn new skills to bring inclusion and a sense of belonging into their classrooms through poetry. Poetry is an amazing tool as an introduction to more creative styles of writing, while also giving students a way to express their ideas, feelings, and culture in a unique, personal way. My hope is to encourage educators to try incorporating more poetry into their curriculum as a way to provide a welcoming and supportive environment.

About the Presenter

Yavanna Reynolds has worked with children since 2013 and moved to Humboldt County in 2019. Her primary focus as an educator is to create welcoming, equitable place of learning within her community and beyond. She is currently teaching 4-6th grade at Redwood Coast Montessori in Manilla.