Wordmark: Building Literacy
Text: Presented by the Redwood Writing Prject and HCOE

Writing for Reading Success

Presenter: Kristina Darby
Session 4 | Redwood


We pair reading and writing in all grade levels, in our ELA curriculum, and across subjects but do they really have to go together? (They do!) We will be looking at research to solidify our understanding of why it is important to write when you are learning to read. How much? How often? And why? These will all be questions we will look to answer during this seminar.

About the Presenter

Kristina Darby is currently the reading intervention teacher at Pine Hill Elementary School. She has been a classroom teacher for grades K-5, a Mentor teacher, and a Teacher Consultant for Redwood Writing Project. When she is not learning everything she can about helping students learn to read, she may be found outside running, hiking, or strolling through the woods with her dog.