Humboldt County Office of Education: Interdistrict Enrollment Update

Interdistrict Enrollment Update

Interdistrict Enrollment Update

Humboldt County School District Superintendents have been meeting monthly throughout this past calendar year in an effort to come to agreement on interdistrict attendance enrollment for the 2018-19 school year and beyond. In a meeting on December 6, Superintendents settled on a draft agreement and are now awaiting feedback based on discussions with their respective boards.

Dialog has centered on maintaining an open enrollment policy in Humboldt County. Key topics of the conversations and draft agreement have included:

  • Maintaining an open enrollment window;
  • A specific process and timeline for interdistrict request approvals;
  • A process for interdistrict renewals;
  • Strategies for implementing the interdistrict enrollment process

“This process has shown to be collaborative with the Superintendents demonstrating a willingness to make compromises while also representing the best interests of their districts and students,” stated Dr. Chris Hartley, superintendent of Humboldt County schools. “I anticipate the next steps will include scheduling an opportunity to come back together to further debrief district feedback relative to reaching a formal agreement.”

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