Humboldt County Office of Education: Board of Education

Wordmark - Strengthening Community for All Students

Humboldt County Board of Education Equity Statement

Humboldt County Board of Education is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. We believe that the circumstances children are born into should not predict their access to the resources and rigor necessary for success. We strive to create a work environment and schools that cultivate a sense of belonging; grounded in safety, dignity and respect. We are committed to building a culture of connectedness, allowing us to grow and learn better together.

We see and celebrate the range of human differences as a source of strength. We welcome the unique contributions that each person brings. We recognize that inequitable systemic barriers exist, and that our work, individually and collectively, is to eliminate these opportunity gaps that result in disparate educational outcomes for our most vulnerable students. We accept that our equity work is a journey and not a destination.

Adopted 9/13/2023

Humboldt County Board of Education

The Humboldt County Board of Education consists of five elected members. Each board member represents a trustee area that corresponds to a geographical region of the county. Trustees are elected only by voters residing within their respective trustee areas. After the decennial federal census, trustee areas may be reapportioned to assure that populations within the areas remain nearly equal.

Board of Education Members

Portrait of Board of Education Member Loretta Eckenrode

Loretta Eckenrode, President
Trustee Area 4 | Term Expires 2026
Originally Elected November 2015

Portrait of Board of Education member Thom McMahon

Thom McMahon, Vice President
Trustee Area 3 | Term Expires 2026
Originally Appointed March 2020

Portrait of Board of Education Member Mary Scott

Mary Scott, Trustee
Trustee Area 1 | Term Expires 2026
Originally Appointed May 1998

Portrait of Board of Education Member Robert Siekmann

Robert Siekmann, Trustee
Trustee Area 2 | Term Expires 2024
Originally Elected December 1976

Rene Quintana, Trustee
Trustee Area 5 | Term Expires 2024
Originally Appointed December 2023