Humboldt County Office of Education: Locations

HCOE School Sites

Court & Community Schools

HCOE Court/Community Schools serve over 400 students in grades 7-12 at five locations throughout Humboldt County.

Glen Paul School

The Glen Paul School designed to meet the special education needs of children and youth from ages 3 to 22 in the Humboldt community.

Special Beginnings

The Special Beginnings program and autism special day classes at HCOE serves preschool children ages birth to five years with special needs.

Therapeutic learning Classrooms

For students with social-emotional/behavioral needs and designed to assist students whose behaviors have adversely affected some aspect of their educational performance.

HCOE Sponsored Charter Schools

Northcoast Preparatory & Performing Arts Academy

The Northcoast Preparatory Academy, an International Baccalaureate World School chartered through HCOE, was founded in 2000 to create a respectful and inspiring learning environment in which academic achievement and responsible citizenship are valued equally.

The school’s curriculum is based on confronting primary source documents, critical thinking, opportunities for independent and collaborative investigation in the sciences, national and international travel, musical and dramatic performances, community service, analytical and creative writing, and university-level courses.

Northern United Charter School – Humboldt

NU-Humboldt Charter School serves students throughout Humboldt County.  It has learning centers in Willow Creek, Arcata, Eureka, Cutten, Briceland, and Redway that provide a variety of programs catering to the needs of the students and families they serve.

Its programs have developed as a result of parent, student and teacher effort to increase educational options for parents and their children (parent choice) by providing a combination of parent involved independent study and learning center based instruction with a credentialed teacher overseeing the individual educational plan.

Agnes J. Johnson Charter School

Agnes J. Johnson Charter School educates students in grades TK-12 in Southern Humboldt County in an inclusive community supported by families and educators using innovative instructional strategies including multiple modalities, experiential learning and practical applications to ensure academic excellence based on state standards, rural agricultural preservation, and civic responsibility.

Agnes J. Johnson Charter School will develop productive, self-sufficient citizens capable of self-expression, effective communication, problem solving, and critical thinking who will succeed in our constantly changing world.