John Leonard
John Leonard
Program Manager

Therapeutic Learning Classrooms (TLCs) are programs for students with social-emotional/behavioral needs and are designed to assist students whose behaviors have adversely affected some aspect of their educational performance such that they are unable to function or make acceptable progress with services and/or program options available in less restrictive environments.

Most of the students have emotional and behavioral challenges that are demonstrated in significant interpersonal and social skills deficits as well as some students with poor academic work habits. The goal of each program is to work collaboratively with students, their families, and community agencies to promote self-awareness and self-control, along with the development of productive interpersonal/social skills and necessary coping strategies.

Once students acquire the necessary skills, they will return to their neighborhood school or, if age appropriate, will transition out of public education into an appropriate community setting. The program provides a safe, supportive environment where students will have the opportunity to mainstream with their peers and to make progress within a time frame that meets their needs and abilities.

Students in the SELPA may be placed in a TLC classroom at the request of a (DSEA)/District of Special Education Accountability for a student. Placement procedures and other policies for a TLC classroom are delineated in a Memorandum of Understanding. This Policy is intended to describe the TLC and advise member LEAs on admissions, operations, and other issues surrounding the TLC programs. The Humboldt-Del Norte SELPA is not responsible for running these programs or for implementation of this Policy.