Humboldt County Office of Education: 2019 Humboldt County Science Fair Winners Announced

2019 Humboldt County Science Fair Winners Announced

2019 Humboldt County Science Fair Winners Announced
The 36th Annual Humboldt County Doris Niles Science Fair was held March 18-22 at Humboldt State University. Over 300 students in grades 4th through 12th from over 30 Humboldt County Schools entered more than 250 projects. Projects covered a variety of categories including Life Science – Animals, Life Science – Botany, Earth/Space Science, Math/Engineering/Inventions, and Physical Science.

The Awards Ceremony was held at Lumberjack Arena on March 22, where 100 medals and special awards were given to students from throughout the county. “Eighteen of our brightest local science students are eagerly preparing for the California State Science and Engineering Fair,” shared Mel McGuire, coordinator. “These students will have the opportunity to showcase and compete with 900 other state students in Los Angeles. This is an amazing educational opportunity for our local students to present and share their findings with experts at the highest level. I’m proud of their work and wish them all luck.”

State Winners

  • Charlotte Brands & Stella Pepper, 6th Grade, Pacific Union
  • Faith Helms, 6th Grade, Jacoby Creek
  • Lila Ekhodt, 7th Grade, Freshwater Charter
  • Soquel MacDonald, 7th Grade, Freshwater Charter
  • Sean Coontz, 7th Grade, Jacoby Creek
  • Noah Macknicki, 7th Grade, Kneeland
  • Solveig Lyssand, 7th Grade, South Bay Charter
  • Ella Ivan, 7th Grade, Jacoby Creek
  • Alexandra Morris, 7th Grade, Pacific Union
  • John Gerving, 8th Grade, Jacoby Creek
  • Caley Miller, 8th Grade, Kneeland
  • Raven Alvarez, 8th Grade, Jacoby Creek
  • Zoe Macknicki, 8th Grade, Kneeland
  • Korbyn Turney, 9th Grade, Six Rivers Charter High
  • Vivian Gerstein, 10th Grade, Arcata High
  • Amaya Bechler, 11th Grade, Northcoast Preparatory Academy
  • Phoebe Durant, 12th Grade, Six Rivers Charter High
“Since 1984 students in Humboldt County have been involved in the Science fair which offers a project based learning experience that truly makes learning come to life,” stated Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Chris Hartley. “The Science Fair is not only a terrific opportunity to put the ‘scientific process’ to work but truly develops skills like time management, organization, problem solving, the power of creativity, being an independent learner and developing communication skills. These are the skills that truly bolster the education of any student and demonstrate that this program is absolutely, one of the best learning experiences a student can undertake!”

Hartley shared that what we also know is Humboldt County has amazing teachers, students, dedicated volunteers, and community members.  “In order to make this event happen, it takes the dedication, time and energy of so many folks. Tremendous thanks to all who support students and embed science projects into their curriculum.”

The Humboldt County Office of Education, Rotary Club of Eureka, and Humboldt State University are major sponsors of the Humboldt County Science Fair and local businesses, organizations, and individuals help provide funding to students for travel to the State Science Fair. The County Science Fair also involves 120 volunteer judges who evaluate the projects, interview students, and assign awards.