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Humboldt County Office of Education: Trades Academy in the Media

Trades Academy in the Media

Trades Academy in the Media

In an effort to maximize awareness of the wonderful contributions the Trades Academy is making to the schools of Humboldt County, Jack and the HCOE Communications Center have been busy at work making media content to share. Earlier in February, Jack was featured on our local radio station, KINS 106.3, on the Community Comment program. You can listen to his 3 and a half minute segment here.

The media whizzes in the Communication Center at HCOE have been busily putting together career videos to share as well. Following the schedule of Trades Focuses (found here), they are creating works of art that each have commentary from industry partners and impressive footage. You can find those videos on our website.

Personnel Director

Jenny Bowen | Coordinator of Personnel Services
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Administration Office

Hannah Gossi | Administrative Assistant II
707-445-7001 |

Melissa Hodgson | Administrative Assistant III
707-445-7031 |

Press Inquiries

Jenny Bowen | Director of Communications
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