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Wood Technology is a fun and hands on course. Students learn to use various hand tools as well as explore various careers within the industry.

CTE Wood Technology 1 & 2

Wood Tech I: In this Introduction to Wood Technology class, students will acquire basic knowledge and skills used in the Building and Construction trades. Through hands-on, project-based instruction, students will gain experience using different materials, tools and techniques. They will become proficient in taking measurements, reading plans, and in choosing woods and connectors to use for various projects. The course will cover Safety, Tools, Measuring and Layout Methods, Woods, Wood Joints and Fasteners. There will be a focus on career awareness, career exploration, and skill preparation in the Building and Construction Trades industry.

Wood Tech II: Students who completed Wood Tech I in the Spring are encouraged to complete their CTE Pathway requirements and earn industry certifications, participate in internships, and continue learning advanced skills in woodworking.

For more information on CTE programs in Humboldt County contact William Row, HCOE Strong Workforce Program K-12 Pathway Coordinator at (707) 445-7817 or