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Sarah Hallowell

The Career Technical Education program at Arcata High School offers a broad exposure to courses within the fields of auto, metal and wood, and uses appropriate, quality materials for all class assignments. The students design and fabricate a wide variety of projects throughout the school year. Basic materials for the classes are provided at no cost to the student.

Woodworking 1

This course is a technical and aesthetic exploration of wood working. Students will produce several projects designed to expose the beginning wood worker to many aspects of the profession. Various woods and joinery techniques will be discussed from both the artistic and utilitarian perspectives. Tools and Techniques presented will provide the students with the necessary skills to begin designing and constructing their own wood projects. 

Woodworking 2

Students will plan and build projects of their own design and expand woodworking skills and knowledge through building a required project. Topics covered include cabinet making and advanced joinery. An emphasis is placed on project development, self motivation and technical specialization. 

Woodworking 3

This course is a continuation of Woodworking 2. It builds a greater degree of skill and knowledge of woodworking with increased emphasis on creativity and introduction to mass production. 

Woodworking 4

This course is an independent study-open lab for students to perfect their skills in all wood areas. Students will be expected to creatively design and build complex woodworking projects. The completion of a mass production project using various fixtures and jigs designed by the student will be required.

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