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Jeremy Harris


Fulfills Elective Requirement for Graduation and UC/CSU Admission (Area G or Optional 3rd year Area D) This is a career pathway course, which utilizes industry standard tools located in the McKinleyville High School Building Trades, Metal, and Wood Shops. This is a Project Based, hands-on academic course introducing students to Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD), CNC Milling, Plasma Cutting, 3D Printing, Robotics, and many more 21st Century skills. For future entrepreneurs, both college-bound and heading into one of the Trades, this course introduces Design Theory and the Design Process from Ideation, through Prototyping, Change Processes, and into Production. 


 Fulfills Elective Requirement for Graduation and UC/CSU Admission (Area G or Optional 3rd year Area D) One of the key goals of this course is to provide students with authentic experiences that combine the knowledge gained in core classes with the practical aspects of career technical education. Product Innovation and Design builds on the Maker course, as well as other CTE classes, by providing students with multiple opportunities for practical experience with industry concepts. The course reviews concepts learned in the Maker course and asks students to apply those concepts to real-world situations. Part of the course is spent on solo projects in which each student follows the design process to produce their own original product. The solo experience is then carried over into group projects in which students define a need at the school or in the community and create a product that addresses the need. Interaction with the community partners, government, and school officials is expected. 


Fulfills Fine Arts Requirement for Graduation and UC/CSU Admission Architectural Design is a course that will introduce students to the fundamental concepts of art through architectural history and design theory. Historical perspectives and social issues are introduced to help students better understand art as a powerful means of communication. Students will be introduced to architectural design principles and various art forms as they relate to architecture and architectural components. Additional emphasis will be placed on logical reasoning, visualization, and practical application using basic sketching and technical drawing techniques. Students will follow the stages of the design process by completing a project from the site analysis to a finished building design, incorporating green technology throughout the process. Classroom technology includes a state-of-the-art 3-D Printing-Rapid Prototype system and a 60-Watt laser cutting/engraving machine. AutoCAD as well as other Autodesk offerings, SolidWorks, Chief Architect, Sketch Up and Corel Draw are some of the design software available to each student. 


Fulfills Fine Arts Requirement for Graduation Beginning with Architectural Design this is an entry level course designed to teach basic drafting skills and techniques. Drafting 2 – 4 is for the advanced drafting student who is looking to add to their previous drafting class training. Drafting, the language of industry, is an opportunity to create, design, and construct individualized projects using classroom tools and supplies. AutoCad as well as other Autodesk offerings, Solidworks, Chief Architect, Sketch Up and Corel Draw are some of the design software available to each student. These programs are used to create and design individual student projects. Green technology concepts are incorporated into their design process throughout the year. High school units earned can be applied toward a drafting certification from College of the Redwoods Drafting Technology Department. 

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