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Health Science & Medical Technology

This pathway introduces students to topics, issues, and populations that are related to the counseling and mental health field. Students receive a strong foundation and framework of understanding social and emotional teen transitions and the impact of society and culture on their academic, personal growth, and development. Students learn how they can be an ally for their peers in social and emotional health and wellness. Students take their experiences in class, and use their skills facilitating Morning Circles, Restorative Circles, and implementing their skills in their interactions with others. 

Mental & Behavioral Health I

This concentrator course is designed to provide students specific content knowledge and skills within the Mental and Behavioral Health pathway. This course is aligned to the basic knowledge levels necessary to learn and recognize word roots, prefixes, and suffixes used in medical language, understand the prevention, wellness, and disease process, and the associated skill application consistent with the Mental and Behavioral Health pathways scope and practice in either direct or indirect client/patient services including short term certifications.

Mental & Behavioral Health II

This capstone course prepares students within a specific career in the various areas of Mental and Behavioral Health that will enable them to complete the requirements for licensure, certification, or other industry recognized credentials; or students are prepared to enter into postsecondary education or training programs in the selected Mental and Behavioral Health pathway. If applicable, course content will provide the knowledge and skills consistent with legislative requirements and the level of proficiency to perform skills within their identified scope of practice specific to employment.

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