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Humboldt County Office of Education: Business Concept Question Workshops | INNOVATE Business Challenge

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13 Business Concept Question Workshops

Since the Covid school closures the Innovate Business Challenge program now offers workshops digitally. A variety of workshop dates and will be offered to maximize the number of students who can attend. All semifinalists will receive an email invitation to the workshop schedule. Look for the workshop schedule to be posted the end of February.

The workshops provide semifinalists with personalized advice about their idea. Research, concept development, branding, social media, budgeting and financial planning are covered to make these business topics easily understandable. There is also a video series to watch and learn.  An Innovate folder on Google Drive has been set up to share information with all semifinalists.

All semifinalists may receive a review of their answer set prior to the new April 2 deadline, by request.

Stay tuned for the workshop schedule.

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