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Humboldt County Office of Education: Director of Foster Youth and Homeless Education

HCOE Job Description

Director of Foster Youth and Homeless Education

Position Summary

Under the general supervision of the Court and Community School Principal, the Coordinator of Foster Youth and Homeless Education is responsible for providing support, guidance and direct services to local school districts involving all aspects of McKinney-Vento homeless education and foster youth legislation leading and facilitating the county-wide Foster Youth Advisory Council;coordinating the efforts of regional and higher education foster youth liaisons;developing collaborative relations between the county offices of social services, mental health, public health,group home staff,and other relevant agencies to ensure appropriate educational placements for at-risk, homeless and foster youth;and implementing data gathering systems related to student academic progress.

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for coordinating activities as outlined in the HCOE Foster Youth Plan for Services; acts as a lead liaison for coordinating services to foster youth and homeless students throughout Humboldt County; attends specialized trainings in delinquency and truancy prevention programs; coordinates, conducts, and/or participates in inservice training for school district, agency, and high education staff; coordinates the services provided by regional and higher education staff assigned to support foster youth; coordinates and supervises alternative activities for identified youth; mentors HSU social work interns when assigned; coordinates referrals of at-risk, foster and homeless students and their family members to counseling services as needed; refers students to job training programs when appropriate; coordinates the activities and meetings of the Foster Youth Advisory Committee; develops and maintains a data collection system to monitor attendance and academic progress of foster youth and homeless students as required by law; periodically attends regional and state-wide meetings and represents Humboldt County’s foster and homeless education program; assists partner agencies in monitoring/evaluating individual program components related to homeless youth, foster youth, and other at-risk youth; provides support to local districts and group homes in order that they may successfully accomplish responsibilities as defined by law; keeps abreast of proposed and current legislation and advises Superintendent and the Foster Youth Advisory Council of the potential impact on Humboldt County provides staff support to the Foster Youth Advisory; attends all required meetings and regional Coordinator’s meetings; completes required reports and prepares formal correspondence on behalf of the Council/HCOE; monitors and maintains compliance on any contracts executed on behalf of the HCOE; researches, prepares and submits grant requests as authorized by the Superintendent; monitors program expenditures and adheres to all legal requirements; and performs other duties as needed by the Council and the HCOE.

Employment Standards

Education and Experience

Baccalaureate Degree from an accredited college/university in Psychology, Social Work, Education or closely related field/emphasis area and a minimum of five (5) years of successful, full-time direct experience with at-risk youth in an educational environment.Some successful supervision, coordination or lead experience also required.

Knowledge of:

  • The broad spectrum of issues related to the at-risk youth population in American society with particular understanding of homeless, foster, and probationary youth;
  • Current trends, issues and responses to the problems of truancy and dropout prevention;
  • Laws relating to child abuse and neglect, compulsory school attendance, homeless youth and foster youth;
  • Individual and group social service resources available in Humboldt County;•Delinquency Prevention strategies;
  • At-risk youth and family support services, including those at the K-12and higher education levels;
  • Relevant portions of the Education Code and Penal Code;
  • Current trends, issues and alternatives to enhance successful school experiences for at-risk youth, foster youth, English Language Learner and homeless youth;
  • Techniques for good public relations and public speaking;
  • Moderate computer word processing and data file management programs.

Ability to:

  • Speak to small and large groups with poise, confidence and clarity;
  • Coordinate the activities of multiple individuals serving similar roles in support of students and in accordance with project funding requirements;
  • Use a computer for producing written correspondence and for maintaining data files;
  • Relate well and to work cooperatively with a variety of agency and school representatives, at-risk teens and community organization members;
  • Work without direct supervision;
  • Communicate with tact, courtesy and with sensitivity toward the audience and the content of the message;
  • Draft technical reports which would meet state audit standards;
  • Problem solve with groups and facilitate/conduct advisory meetings;
  • Follow oral and written instructions;
  • Adapt to changing work demands;
  • Manage task priorities to meet deadlines, including the monitoring of grant funding and data reporting;
  • Work effectively under varying degrees of stress;
  • Read and comprehend fine print and technical/legal language in contracts, spreadsheets, and text files;
  • Meet requirements and standard provisions for school-based employment working with at-risk youth and sharing of confidential information;
  • Communicate effectively via telephone, modem, and in person;
  • Lift/move materials, possibly arranging tables and chairs for meeting room set-up.

Management Schedule A | Class 4

Personnel Director

Jenny Bowen
Director of Personnel Services

Administration Office

Hannah Gossi
Administrative Assistant II
Melissa Hodgson
Administrative Assistant III

Press Inquiries

Ken Conlin
Communications Center Manager/Public Information Officer