Humboldt County Office of Education: Program Support Technician: Foster and Homeless Youth Education Services

Notice: In July 2022 HCOE classified job descriptions were re-classified. We are working to get the classifications changed on individual job descriptions. A PDF mapping these changes can be found here. For questions please contact the HCOE Personnel Office at (707) 445-7039.

HCOE Job Description

Program Support Technician: Foster and Homeless Youth Education Services

Job Summary

Supports the Foster and Homeless Youth Education Services Program. Reports Directly to the Director of the Foster and Homeless Youth Education Services program. Serves as office coordinator for the program, receives, and transmits telephone and other communications. Performs a variety of clerical and technical duties requiring diligent exercise of judgement and initiative. Maintains a variety of data systems while providing training and technical assistance in the identification and tracking of foster and homeless youth/students.  This is an 11 month position.

Examples of Duties

  • Gather necessary and required academic and educationally related information such as attendance, discipline records, grades, academic performance, Special Education (SPED) and 504 status for foster and homeless students from educational agencies;
  • Maintain the Foster Focus Data System;
  • Serves as secretary for the Director and the program staff;
  • Manages professional development support services including, facility bookings, catering arrangements, preparation of session materials and attendance tracking
  • Facilitates program staff travel arrangements and maintains documentation;
  • Prepares reports, correspondence, vouchers, receipts, schedules, minutes, requisitions notices and statistical and financial data, computer, checks, tabulates and balances statistical and financial data;
  • Facilitate work orders with the HCOE Communication Center;
  • Work in collaboration with educational representatives at DHHS, Probation, regional and district foster youth education liaisons and CALPADS representatives to obtain all required educational and behavioral information;
  • Develop and maintain accurate lists of all foster youth/homeless youth (county wide) to include pre-school, K-12, and post-secondary students; provide relevant and required educational data and reports as requested for both foster youth and homeless students; assist in the preparation of required reports for California Department of Education and the Courts;
  • Provides consolation and technical assistance to LEAs regarding CalPads information system;
  • Assist the Director and other staff with the development and preparation of foster and homeless youth education trainings and public presentations;
  • Provide general support for the Foster/Homeless Youth Education Services Program;
  • Work with the Director and district representatives to assist with the development of HCOE Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and district LCAPs, training and support for district users of CALPADS.

Education and Experience

Graduation from high school and demonstration of basic competence and not less than four years of progressively responsible secretarial or clerical experience including navigating data systems; AA/AS degree completion is preferred. Experience working within an educational setting and knowledge of CALPADS and awareness of student information systems are highly desirable but not required. Applicants must possess a valid CA driver’s license and have current auto insurance as per HCOE Board Policy 3541.3.

Knowledge of:

  • Modern office technology, procedures and equipment;
  • Education organization, policies and procedures;
  • HCOE office practice and procedures;
  • Computer equipment software used in data entry, spreadsheets and report preparation (e.g. EXCEL);
  • Design and format of reports extracted from database systems;
  • Educational systems, policies and procedures
  • Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy;
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques for identifying and resolving database and reporting errors; and
  • Standard English Usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation Phone etiquette, multi-line techniques and procedures.

Ability to:

  • Create, update and maintain accurate statistical files and records;
  • Work both independently and cooperatively with others;
  • Mentor new employees on business practices; Serve as mentor to other new employees within the organization on business procedures;
  • Understand and comply with District, County, State and Federal procedures, policies and statutes;
  • Respond promptly to requests, provide needed information, assistance, training, materials and resources;
  • Compose professional letters, email, and other documents using proper spelling and English grammar;
  • Read and comprehend detailed wording such as contracts, spreadsheets and instructions;
  • Establish and maintain a highly organized work environment and filing systems;
  • Perform work with a high degree of accuracy;
  • Communicate with the public, district and agency personnel with courtesy and confidentiality via phone , computer and in person;
  • Respond to various inquiries;
  • Follow established procedures and create more efficient procedures where needed;
  • Utilize various office equipment, software programs and technologies;
  • Test and evaluate software applications;
  • Train and assist others in the use and functions of assigned software;
  • Follow oral and written directions and be highly organized;

Physical Requirements

(Consideration will be given to reasonable accommodation for the following physical requirements.)

  • Sufficient vision to read printed materials;
  • Sufficient hearing to conduct in-person and phone conversations;
  • Sufficient mobility to move about the county office and other sites as may be required;
  • Ability to speak in an understandable voice with sufficient volume to be heard in normal conversation distance, on the phone, and to address groups of varying sizes;
  • Physical and emotional stamina to cope with sometimes stressful situations and conditions; and
  • Drive an automobile and transport equipment and documents;
  • Sit for long periods in a typing position.

Range 40 | Personnel Commission approved: 05/11/2021

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