Humboldt County Office of Education: Teacher On Special Assignment – Literacy Coach – Temporary

Notice: In July 2022 HCOE classified job descriptions were re-classified. We are working to get the classifications changed on individual job descriptions. A PDF mapping these changes can be found here. For questions please contact the HCOE Personnel Office at (707) 445-7039.

HCOE Job Description

Teacher On Special Assignment – Literacy Coach – Temporary

Position Summary

The Literacy Coach shall provide expert consultation and specialized training to promote evidence-based practices in support of literacy development for TK-3 students with extensive support needs.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This position will support Special Education teachers and related staff within the school setting to implement supplementary curriculum and activities directly related to early childhood literacy. This position must have experience working with students with extensive support needs, literacy curriculum and the ability to impact modifications to colleague instructional strategies through coaching and collaboration.

Supervision Received And Exercised

This position is under the supervision of the School Principal.  

Examples Of Duties And Responsibilities

Management reserves the right to add, modify, change or rescind the work assignments of different positions and to make reasonable accommodations so that qualified employees can perform the essential functions of the job.  

  • Provide direct instruction to small groups or individuals from classrooms during the Reading/Literacy development blocks.
  • Model best instructional practices, methods, materials and technology which promote equity and access to the content and have proven to increase student achievement through classroom demonstrations and side-by-side coaching.
  • Work with the classroom teachers to monitor student progress.
  • Collaborate with the teachers and the administrator to identify literacy needs in each classroom/grade-span for the purpose of informing instruction and literacy plan development.
  • Provide effective verbal and written communications with administrators, teachers, other school personnel and parents to strengthen all aspects of the program for literacy development.
  • Support and deliver guidance on literacy using 21st Century learning techniques and adherence to the Common Core Standards.
  • Work with HCOE administrators to develop school structures and practices that facilitate the improvement of English Language Arts (ELA) instruction and supports for students with extensive support needs.
  • Promote student interest in reading and writing.
  • Model direct instruction to students using special/modified accommodations, equipment and materials as specified in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for student educational access for the purpose of building staff capacity to support student needs.
  • Provide professional development and technical assistance to program staff in support of each student to improve their reading and writing abilities.
  • Assume significant responsibility for assisting in overall program planning, supervision and evaluation of various professional learning components and learning outcomes.
  • May be required to submit grant reporting materials and maintain clear data related to grant implementation.
  • Perform other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.


Knowledge of:

  • Effective literacy instructional practices.
  • Assessment instruments and data analysis.
  • Principles and practices of effective literacy instruction, professional development and leadership.
  • State frameworks and grade level curriculum.
  • Categorical programs, special education practices and uses of technology.
  • Theories of literacy, including the diagnostic teaching of reading and reading intervention.
  • California Standards for ELA, the Common Core Standards and current trends and best practices in curriculum design and instruction.
  • Reading, writing and literacy development.
  • Pupil assessment strategy, curriculum development, innovative instructional strategies and use of emerging technology.
  • Alternative Communication Systems.

Ability to:

  • Plan, organize and instruct for literacy development.
  • Modify grade level curriculum for student access.
  • Demonstrate literacy techniques and strategies with students and adults.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others.
  • Collaborate effectively with teachers, administrators and student parents/families.
  • Explore new ideas and possibilities for continuous improvement in literacy development.
  • Work independently and interdependently.
  • Model positive and healthy character traits and habits, such as being organized, consistent and understanding.
  • Communicate effectively with children and parents, staff members and representatives of other agencies.
  • Instruct and collaborate with a classroom team (teachers and paraeducators).
  • Maintain an appropriate personal demeanor during periods of heightened stress created by outside factors not always within the ability of the teacher to control at the time.
  • Communicate effectively in person and via telephone and other electronic media to individuals and groups of varying sizes.

Education And Experience

Minimum Required:

  • Education Specialist Credential with ESN or Mod/Severe authorization.
  • CLAD/EL authorization.
  • 3 years teaching experience with students who have extensive support needs.


  • Experience developing or implementing literacy plans/goals.

Working Conditions (Work Environment)

May be required to report to multiple worksites on a given day or during the workweek.  Will need to be able to conduct instructional programs within pre-designated break periods and time schedules.

Environmental Elements

  • Sometimes loud classroom environments.
  • Move about in non-traditional instructional environments; i.e., areas of the community.

Physical Demands

There is some degree of physical ability and exertion required of all teaching positions. Over time, the physical demands of any position are subject to change. Depending upon the particular assignment, teachers could be expected to:

  • Stand, sit and/or move about for sustained periods.
  • Exercise physical control over students who are acting out and/or offer physical assistance to students who might be themselves physically impaired.
  • Assist students physically who might need assistance with access to adaptive living, health and personal care needs.

Other Requirements

  • Must be fingerprinted and a satisfactory Department of Justice records check must be received by HCOE prior to employment.
  • TB testing and/or risk assessment will be required upon employment.
  • Must pass a pre-employment physical (if applicable).
  • May be required to obtain first aid and CPR certificates within the first 6 to 12 months of employment.
  • May be required to drive with or without students; some positions may require a California driver’s license, proof of insurance and possible participation in the DMV PUll Notice Program once employed.

Certificated TEA


Administration Office

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