Humboldt County Office of Education: Web and Media Developer

Notice: In July 2022 HCOE classified job descriptions were re-classified. We are working to get the classifications changed on individual job descriptions. A PDF mapping these changes can be found here. For questions please contact the HCOE Personnel Office at (707) 445-7039.

HCOE Job Description

Web and Media Developer

Position Summary

Skilled and innovative Web and Media Developer to oversee the development, maintenance and enhancement of the Humboldt County Office of Education’s (HCOE) online presence. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in web development, a passion for education and a creative approach to improving user experience.  Under the general direction of the Director of Community Outreach and Engagement, they will support the planning, organizing and implementation of a highly visible and proactive program of communications extending to all HCOE programs and supported districts; provide graphic design, web design, photography, multi-media, planning materials and collaboration on key HCOE initiatives and priorities; assist the Director in coordinating the work of department staff; perform related work as required. Acts as HCOE’s web master, which is responsible for the management and development of the organization’s online presence.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This position is an upper-level staff position in which the employee works within a creative team in a senior role. This position requires expertise in media design and web development for the organization, in addition to districts, charter schools and other public agencies.

Supervision Received and Exercised

This position is under the supervision of the Director of Community Outreach and Engagement. This position has a high level of independence and assists in supervising and coordinating workload of department team members.

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides expert consultation and guidance related to graphics design and web presence with district/charter school partners.
  • Collaborates effectively with colleagues, departments and outside clients to understand the goals and objectives of a project.
  • Provides graphic design and prepares a variety of marketing collateral, media and Web content to support HCOE programs and districts.
  • Optimizes website content for search engines to improve visibility and ranking.
  • Designs and creates electronic logos, marks and other images.
  • Supports the development of social media outreach among HCOE programs and districts.
  • Troubleshoots technical problems and provides recommendations for maintenance and improvement.
  • Sets up video conferencing, teleconferencing and/or other multi-media needs.
  • Collaborates with HCOE technology staff and other departments to enhance and improve services and determine media needs.
  • Assists in the categorization of web content to ensure data is organized in a user-friendly manner.
  • Proofreads and edits all design work and Web content.
  • Follows brand and style guidelines, ADA compliance issues, copyright regulations and other policy or legal considerations.
  • Keeps current on industry trends.
  • Maintains the highest customer service standards at all times.
  • Assists in the work coordination of other department personnel.
  • Collaborates with Director to onboard new department staff and ensure ongoing training of department and organizational staff.
  • Willing to travel as needed for HCOE, districts and charters support, and personal professional development.
  • Collaborates with the Director to ensure print shop and technology tools are working optimally.
  • Conducts training sessions or workshops for staff on website usage and best practices (including ADA).


  • A Bachelor’s degree in communications, graphic design, marketing or closely related field AND ten years progressively responsible experience demonstrating the knowledge, skills and abilities detailed above or a combination of education and experience similar to the above to demonstrate thorough preparation to perform required duties.
  • Five years of working in a graphics/web development environment.
  • Possession of a driver’s license or other acceptable demonstration of ability to be mobile and to attend a variety of community events.

Knowledge of:

  • Basic MYSQL and PHP or other comparable languages;
  • Methods, practices, terminology, equipment and procedures used in the production of graphic materials and Web publishing;
  • Knowledge of Apple OS;
  • Expert knowledge of software applications, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign;
  • Familiarity with content management systems (e.g., WordPress, Drupal) and web analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics);
  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other relevant web development languages and tools;
  • Basic understanding of e-commerce platforms and operations;
  • Strong understanding of SEO principles and best practices;
  • Operation of printing and related equipment;
  • Basic single-color and multi-color printing operations;
  • Copyright rules, regulations and restrictions and ADA laws;
  • Oral and written communication skills;
  • Correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary;
  • Experience with video and teleconferencing setup and troubleshooting.

Ability to:

  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing;
  • Demonstrate high levels of customer service and accountability;
  • Perform a variety of technical duties involved in the design and production of printed and digital materials and related graphic arts;
  • Establish project timelines and calculate costs, materials and personnel requirements;
  • Operate high-speed digital reprographic and peripheral equipment in the reproduction of various materials as necessary;
  • Arrange, layout and design effective use of visual materials;
  • Maintain positive attitude while working on short, multiple deadlines;
  • Produce clearly written, succinct materials;
  • Work effectively independently and as part of a team with minimal supervision;
  • Organize and prioritize work;
  • Exercise appropriate judgment in decision making;
  • Maintain confidentiality of information;
  • Complete routine tasks thoroughly, accurately and with attention to detail;
  • Demonstrate mature judgment, flexibility and diplomacy;
  • Coordinate the work of other team members to produce timely, desired products and services;
  • Provide training to online users in use and maintenance of Web pages.

Working Conditions (Work Environment)

The Web and Media Developer must be available to work varied hours and days, Monday through Saturday, depending upon department needs.

Environmental Elements

Employee will handle various chemicals, such as rubber cement, correction fluid, Photomount, deglazer, etc., which can be hazardous if ingested, inhaled or otherwise handled in an unprofessional manner.  They will be working with sharp instruments (cutting blade, scissors, paper cutter, etc.) and around equipment with numerous moving parts, rollers and noise; i.e., collator and presses.

Physical Demands

  • Lean or stand for periods of time;
  • Work in high-production/pressure environment with constant interruptions;
  • Lift binders, supplies, paper boxes, etc., occasionally in excess of 50 pounds;
  • Be very agile (ability to stand, sit, climb ladders, stoop, etc.) with a high degree of confidence and speed.

Other Requirements

  • Must be fingerprinted and a satisfactory Department of Justice records check must be received by HCOE prior to employment.
  • TB testing and/or risk assessment will be required upon employment.
  • Must pass a pre-employment physical (if applicable).
  • May be required to obtain first aid and CPR certificates within the first 6 to 12 months of employment.
  • May be required to drive with or without students; some positions may require a California driver’s license, proof of insurance and possible participation in the DMV PUll Notice Program once employed.

Range 17
PC Approved 1/30/2024

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