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Humboldt County Office of Education: PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff Information

PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff Information

This page is a resource for parents and school administrators regarding PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) protocol. As long as we are able, updates and school closure information will be posted here. Official communication from HCOE can be found on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

For the current PSPS, HCOE has created a Google Sheet for school status information. 

HCOE Phone Systems

During this PSPS, HCOE’s phone systems have been having some issues. If you cannot get through to a department or person, please use email, or call our main number, (707) 445-7000.

PSPS Update: October 29

(Updated 10/29/19 5:30 p.m.)

Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services (Facebook) has now been informed by PG&E that Humboldt County may not be affected by tonight’s PSPS after all. As always, however, check the spreadsheet linked above for up-to-date school status information.

From Humboldt OES:

According to PG&E representatives, “Due to diminished weather conditions, Humboldt County is now beneath the wind threshold for a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS).” The information we are receiving from PG&E is that Humboldt County is no longer in scope and will remain with power throughout the evening. Continue to be prepared for future outages and follow updates from the Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services (OES).

There are still communities in Humboldt who have not been restored from the previous PSPS. PG&E advises they hope to re-energize tonight.

At this time the National Weather Service does not foresee any weather patterns that would result in a PSPS event in the near future.

The PSPS Potential Matrix can be found here. Details of any current PSPS can be found here. A detailed Zone Map can be found here.

Official communication from HCOE can be found on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

Tips from Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services (OES)
  • Sign up for Humboldt ALERT at to receive safety information and be informed of imminent threats to personal safety or property, tailored to an address of your choosing.
  • To receive updated information from PG&E, update your contact information at
  • Talk to your medical provider about a power outage plan for medical devices powered by electricity and refrigerated medicines. Plan for batteries and other alternatives to meet your needs when the power goes out.
  • Many medications are still usable for two to three days at room temperature, including insulin, which can keep for 28 to 30 days. However, if you are in doubt, please be sure to check with your medical provider.
  • Review the supplies that are available in case of a power outage. Have flashlights with extra batteries for every household member. Have enough nonperishable food and water.
  • Use a thermometer in the refrigerator and freezer so you can know the temperature when the power is restored. Throw out food if the temperature is 40 degrees or higher.
  • Keep mobile phones and other electric equipment charged and gas tanks full.
  • Know how to manually open electric garage doors and gates.
How You Can Prepare
Here are some tips from on how you can prepare for power shutoffs, or any other emergency:

  • Have a personal safety plan in place for every member of your household (including pets).
  • Plan for any medical needs like medications that need to be refrigerated or devices that require power.
  • Build or restock your emergency supply kit, including food, water, flashlights, a radio, fresh batteries, first aid supplies and cash.
  • Identify backup charging methods for phones.
  • Learn how to manually open your garage door.
  • If you own a backup generator, ensure it is ready to safely operate.
  • To learn more ways to prepare, download their fact sheet.
Public Safety Power Shutoff Criteria
No single factor drives a Public Safety Power Shutoff, as each situation is unique. PG&E carefully reviews a combination of many criteria when determining if power should be turned off for safety. These factors generally include, but are not limited to:

  • A Red Flag Warning declared by the National Weather Service
  • Low humidity levels, generally 20 percent and below
  • Forecasted sustained winds generally above 25 mph and wind gusts in excess of approximately 45 mph, depending on location and site-specific conditions such as temperature, terrain and local climate
  • Condition of dry fuel on the ground and live vegetation (moisture content)
  • On-the-ground, real-time observations from PG&E’s Wildfire Safety Operations Center and observations from PG&E field crews

Contains suggestions for preparing for PSPS; sign up for alerts from PG&E

Power Shutoff Fact Sheet (PDF)
Two-page PDF containing condensed version of information from PrepareForPowerDown

Humboldt ALERT
Humboldt County Emergency Alert System
(Register to receive automated updates)

PG&E PSPS Event Status & Info
Official PG&E page regarding PSPS Status

PG&E PSPS Outage Maps
Shows current and potential impact areas

PG&E PSPS Potential Matrix
Shows alert levels of all 9 zones in California

PG&E Zone Map (PDF)
More detailed map of the zones defined on the Potential Matrix

PSPS Updates from PG&E
Provides update information DURING AN EVENT

PG&E Alerts
Sign up to be notified of important updates from PG&E