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Humboldt County Office of Education: REEF – Redwood Environmental Education Fair

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Redwood Environmental Education Fair

Take a trip through a rainforest…
Investigate the atmosphere…
Meet wild animals…
Explore oceans, fish, raptors…
The Redwood Environmental Education Fair (REEF) is an annual event that invites local 3rd-8th grade teachers and their students to attend interactive workshops, lectures, video presentations, games, and other learning experiences that encompass a wide variety of environmental topics.

Teachers that are interested in attending REEF should email Olivia Kernen at

Cost: $75 per class

Classes must attend all three assigned sessions and NOT leave before 1:15 p.m.

2021 Session Schedule

1st: 9:30-10:25
2nd: 10:35-11:30
Lunch: 11:30-12:15
3rd: 12:20-1:15

Students at REEF

Key Benefits to Students who Participate:

  • A field trip experience where students and teachers explore environmental concepts and lessons provided by highly qualified professionals from governmental, educational and non-profit community organizations.
  • REEF expands and enriches the classroom learning experience of environmental sciences
  • REEF exposes students to professional, volunteers and representatives of community businesses
  • An opportunity to spend a day on a college campus.
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Special Thanks

HCOE would like to extend a special thanks to Annie Crawley and Gabe Kerschner for creating and sharing the videos that allowed us to make REEF a virtual event for 2020. With any luck, we’ll see them both in person in 2021.

Many of Annie Crawley’s videos are still available on her YouTube channel.