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Humboldt County Office of Education: REEF – Redwood Environmental Education Fair

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Redwood Environmental Education Fair

Take a trip through a rainforest…
Investigate the atmosphere…
Meet wild animals…
Explore oceans, fish, raptors…
The Redwood Environmental Education Fair (REEF) is an annual event that invites local 3rd-8th grade teachers and their students to attend interactive workshops, lectures, video presentations, games, and other learning experiences that encompass a wide variety of environmental topics.

Teachers that are interested in attending REEF should email Olivia Kernen at

Cost: $75 per class

Classes must attend all three assigned sessions and NOT leave before 1:15 p.m.

2021 Session Schedule

1st: 9:30-10:25
2nd: 10:35-11:30
Lunch: 11:30-12:15
3rd: 12:20-1:15

Special Thanks

HCOE would like to extend a special thanks to Annie Crawley and Gabe Kerschner for creating and sharing the videos that allowed us to make REEF a virtual event for 2020. With any luck, we’ll see them both in person in 2021.

Many of Annie Crawley’s videos are still available on her YouTube channel.

Students at REEF

Key Benefits to Students who Participate:

  • REEF provides a field trip experience where students and teachers explore environmental concepts and lessons provided by highly qualified professionals from governmental, educational and non-profit community organizations.
  • REEF expands and enriches the classroom learning experience of environmental sciences
  • REEF exposes students to professional, volunteers and representatives of community businesses
  • REEF provides an opportunity for students to spend the day on a college campus.
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