Humboldt County Office of Education: Expanded Learning Coordinator Earns State Award

Expanded Learning Coordinator Earns State Award

Expanded Learning Coordinator Earns State Award

(Humboldt County) – California AfterSchool Network recently honored Olivia Kernen with the California Expanded Learning Innovative Leadership Award. Bessie Glossenger, Region 1 Lead from Mendocino County Office of Education presented Olivia Kernen with this prestigious award.

Kernen was honored for her innovative leadership with the CA Expanded Learning ecosystem while creating meaningful impact for the children, families, schools, and communities of Humboldt County. She leads the largest consortiums in Region 1 with passion. Kernen coordinates the Redwood AfterSchool Network including professional development, training, and networking opportunities in monthly meetings. She facilitates large conferences for the region and they are attended from all over California.

A lifelong learner herself, Olivia is always seeking to improve herself and programs and is currently being trained in Compassionate Systems Awareness and disseminating that learning to others. Glossenger commends Kernen, saying, “She is an advocate and ally for rural programs.”

Superintendent of Schools, Michael Davies-Hughes praised Kernen as well. “Olivia works tirelessly behind the scenes to strengthen expanded learning opportunities for students throughout Humboldt County,” he said. “This well-deserved recognition acknowledges Olivia’s outstanding service and elevates the importance of strong and consistent support for students beyond the normal school day.”


Olivia Kernen, Expanded Learning Coordinator | | 707-445-7007

Stacy Young, Director of Community Outreach and Engagement | | 707-445-7024