Humboldt County Office of Education: 21st Century Learning Support Technician

Notice: In July 2022 HCOE classified job descriptions were re-classified. We are working to get the classifications changed on individual job descriptions. A PDF mapping these changes can be found here. For questions please contact the HCOE Personnel Office at (707) 445-7039.

HCOE Job Description

21st Century Learning Support Technician

Job Summary

Under the general supervision of the Court and Community School program’s administrator and in coordination with the HCOE Information Network Services Department, provide technical software, hardware and network problem resolution to all computer users; communicate technical solutions in a user friendly, professional manner; provide one-on-one end-user training; conduct hardware and software inventory database maintenance and reporting; install software programs; perform regular maintenance of local computers, printers, and copiers; and perform other duties as assigned. This is a classified 10-month position.

Duties and Responsibilities

Provides overall technical support to the Court and Community School Program including computer hardware and software installation, management and related user training as needed; facilitates the implementation of instructional activities related to the Community School’s Radio/Media program including, but not limited to: organizing and processing audio pieces for “Teen Platform,” preparing releases of monthly episodes, attending regular and special radio staff meetings and actively participating as a member of the Blue Ox Radio team; works with students individually and in classroom settings under the direction of the classroom teacher to implement, reinforce and follow-up on 21st Century learning activities; as authorized, installs and configures networked and stand-alone computers at school sites and in students’ homes; organizes the production of site based yearbooks and other instructionally-related activities through facilitation of the digital media class; set up and configure audio and visual communication devices to facilitate video conferencing, teleconferencing, and video projector setup; oversees the making of student ID cards and ensures that student photos are placed within the student database management system; troubleshoots minor technical problems and assists in making recommendations on maintaining, operating and updating employees’ computers; downloads software updates and performs routine maintenance on in-house computers; supports teachers and administration with the implementation and integration of new classroom and enterprise technologies.

Employment Standards Education and Experience

A minimum of two years of college education in a related field and at least five years of increasingly responsible experience involving technical support, word processing, and/or hardware and software installation preferably in an educational setting. Previous experience with video and teleconferencing setup and troubleshooting highly desirable. Additional technical experience of a similar nature may be substituted year-for-year for the two years of college.

Knowledge of:

  • Communication skills to conduct group or individual instruction on the use and application of Mac and PC based software programs;
  • Well-developed verbal skills;
  • Protocols and procedures for setting up new equipment, troubleshooting and performing routine maintenance;
  • Advanced computer, scanner, printer, copier, email and internet operations;
  • Desktop operating systems, various software applications and basic hardware for the PC and Mac as commonly used in school environments;
  • Familiar with pedagogies as they relate to adult and adolescent learners.

Ability to:

  • Must be able to perform duties with minimal supervision; Must be able to operate a variety of computer terminals, printers, and peripheral equipment;
  • Identify, troubleshoot and resolve a wide-range of technical computer-related problems;
  • Identify, evaluate and solve end-user workstation problems;
  • Quickly master new computer technology including hardware and software applications;
  • Maintain cooperative working relationships with colleagues;
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to, and respect for, a diverse population and maintain confidentiality;
  • Perform a wide variety of physical activities
  • Set time-frames and priorities;
  • Work in a high-paced environment with frequent deadline pressures and periods of stress;
  • Work cooperatively with staff and students;
  • Adapt to changing work demands;
  • Follow oral and written information;
  • Communicate effectively via telephone, computer and in person;
  • Update skills on a regular basis to keep abreast of rapidly changing technology;
  • Discuss technical information with supervisor and staff to discern their needs;
  • Communicate technical and complex information to “non-technical” users;

Physical Abilities

Special note regarding the Physical Demands: The 21st CLST must be able to:

  • Perform a wide variety of physical activities, such as, but not limited to, lifting heavy equipment (up to 50 lb. unassisted), bending, standing, climbing, or walking.
  • Stand, sit and/or move about for sustained periods;
  • Report to multiple work sites in a given day or during the work week;
  • Communicate effectively in-person and via telephone and other electronic media to individuals and groups of varying sizes;
  • Exercise physical control over students who are acting out and/or offer physical assistance to students who might themselves be physically impaired;
  • Maintain an appropriate personal demeanor during periods of heightened stress created by outside factors not always within the ability of the CLST to control at the time.

Range 45 | Personnel Commission Approved: 1/14/14

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