Humboldt County Office of Education: Financial Aid & Scholarship Central Coordinator

Notice: In July 2022 HCOE classified job descriptions were re-classified. We are working to get the classifications changed on individual job descriptions. A PDF mapping these changes can be found here. For questions please contact the HCOE Personnel Office at (707) 445-7039.

HCOE Job Description

Financial Aid & Scholarship Central Coordinator

Position Summary:

Under the general supervision and direction of the Decade of Difference Coordinator, the FA&SC Coordinator will oversee the College Access Scholarship Program which includes developing marketing materials for the purpose of promoting Federal Application for Financial (FAFSA), participation of students in the program and participation in and contributions to the Scholarship Central Program. The FA&SC will also coordinate the development and implementation of a Scholarship Central Program which will be designed to leverage and better utilize existing and new private scholarships available to eligible students in Humboldt County to assist with meeting approved post-secondary costs to promote college participation and persistence. The FA&SC will coordinate with other California Access Foundation and North Coast CalSOAP funded staff to ensure program goals, activities, and objectives are progressing appropriately.Further, this individual will be the liaison between the Humboldt County Office of Education/Decade of Difference: 2020 Initiative and the Financial Aid departments of Humboldt State University and College of the Redwoods. This is a classified full-time, 11 month position.

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate College Access Scholarship program including developing scholarship eligibility criteria, selection processes, and award distribution.
  • Provide outreach and training to students, school counselors and parents promoting FAFSA participation and completion as well as participation in local scholarship opportunities
  • Coordinate effort to identify and secure additional local support to Scholarship Central Program
  • Serve as the liaison between HCOE and the Financial Aid Departments at Humboldt State University and College of the Redwoods
  • Participate as a member of the Humboldt/Del Norte College & Career Night organizing team
  • Present trainings and workshops for students, teachers and parents in available public and private financial aid opportunities
  • Complete required College Access Foundation Grant evaluation and reporting requirements
  • Write/Co-Write grants to secure additional resources to support college access and to assist students in accessing and perusing other post-secondary educational programs
  • Participate as a contributing member of the Student Support Services Personnel Collaborative
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Employment Standards

Education and Experience

Bachelors or advanced degree preferred; previous experience in student services program coordination or administration, financial aid and scholarship advising is required.,; Advanced experience demonstrating skill in organizing, coordinating, and/or programs that support post-secondary enrollment and persistence is desired. Experience in previous positions which have required public speaking, public relations and/or communications is required while successful grant writing, evaluation, and data collection experience is desired.

Ability to:

  • Read and comprehend policies, rules, and regulations, contracts, spreadsheets, etc;
  • Organize and deliver multiple projects and activities simultaneously.
  • Work effectively with colleagues, community groups and organizations.
  • Maintain accurate records for program audits and required reporting;
  • Participate as a constructive member of a high functioning team.
  • Interact with diverse student, educator,and parent groups.
  • Design and develop evaluation systems measuring qualitative and quantitative effectiveness of program efforts.
  • Compile data and develop reports for related projects, activities and grants.
  • Manage task priorities to meet deadlines.

Knowledge of:

  • Financial Aid laws, policies, procedures, eligibility requirements, information and resources
  • Local public and private scholarship providers
  • Effective marketing and outreach strategies to increase financial aid participation rates
  • Grant writing, data collection and reporting requirements
  • Presentation strategies to promote financial aid opportunities and resources

Physical Requirements

(Consideration will be given to reasonable accommodation for the following physical requirements.)

Sufficient vision to read printed materials; sufficient hearing to conduct in-person and telephone conversations; sufficient mobility to move about the county office and other sites as may be required; ability to speak in an understandable voice with sufficient volume to be heard in normal conversation distance, on the telephone, and to address groups of varying sizes; physical and emotional stamina to cope with sometimes stressful situations and conditions.

Additional Requirements

Individuals who serve as Financial Aid & Scholarship Central Coordinator provide services in the office as well as in various sites throughout the county, sometimes serving multiple sites in a single workday. Public speaking skills, group problem solving and leadership ability, the ability to communicate effectively in writing, the capacity to maintain personal demeanor during periods of peak work flow and perform efficiently within restricted timeframes are critical factors for success in this position.

Range: 56 | Personnel Commission Approved: 9/11/2012

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