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Woodshop & Architectural Design

Photo of Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens, Teacher

Woodworking is a fun elective where students learn a hands-on life skill. Enrolled students are also offer the opportunity to be a pathway completer by taking multiple years of courses in woodworking.

In Wood 1, students learn the basics of working in a woodshop beginning with safety and responsible behavior around dangerous tools. The first-year students learn about clamps, glues, band and table saws, sanders, and hand tools to make small projects from yo-yo’s to step stools.

Wood 2 and Wood 3 students have more freedom and the opportunity to experiment with wood engravers and 3D printers. Some of the projects students have chosen to design and create include guitars, kayaks, and different pieces of furniture for their homes, such as desks, side tables, and full bars.

Through the use of computer technology, Architectural Design students learn how to design a home from a historic and modern perspective. By the end of the first year, students complete a full set of house plans. In their second year of Architectural Design, students develop knowledge of vocational/technical architectural drafting by acquiring depth and proficiency in the preparation and presentation of architectural drawings and 3D modeling. Students also work with 3D printers to produce prototypes. They hone skills needed to draft well thought out designs and demonstrate knowledge possessed by pre-engineer architectural students.

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