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Payroll & Retirement Services

Payroll Audit unit provides service, support and assistance to school districts and charter schools in Humboldt County.  This unit processes over 40,000 warrants and over 6,500 W-2s annually. In addition, the unit also provides employee tax reporting support and service for the local community college.

Payroll Audit unit serves as the liaison and reporting agent for the following items:

  • Federal and State Taxes Payment/Reporting including reporting of information for Social Security andMedicare, filing of Federal Form 941 tax forms, including any federal tax correction reports/forms
  • Affidavits/Petition for Lost or Overage Payroll / Vendor Checks
  • Processing Payroll Deduction Checks
  • Wage Garnishments (IRS Levy, Franchise Tax Board, Child Support)
  • Payroll Calendar
  • Direct Deposit Processing (ACH)
  • Distribution of Payroll Warrants, Payroll Reports
  • Abatements for Worker’s Compensation and State Disability payments
  • Salary Overpayments
  • Issuance of New Voluntary Deduction Vendor Numbers
  • Tax Sheltered Annuity Programs (County-wide Plans due to single Federal Employer Identification Number)

The Retirement Support desk assists school districts, charter schools, and the local community college with the reporting of payroll information to the California Public Employees’ Retirement System and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System.  The unit serves as the liaison and reporting agent for the following items:

  • CalPERS and CalSTRS Retirement Reporting
  • CalSTRS Cash Balance Reporting
  • CalPERS and CalSTRS Golden Handshake / Retirement Incentives

In addition, the Retirement Support desk provides support to school districts and charter schools on SUI (State Unemployment Insurance) Payment/Reporting.

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Corey Weber
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Angela West
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