Humboldt County Office of Education: Legal Services

Legal Services

North Coast Schools Legal Consortium was established to serve its member districts, including Humboldt County school districts, with cost-effective legal and bargaining services from School and College Legal Services of California (SCLSC), located in Santa Rosa. Districts are welcome to contact the Santa Rosa office to access any of the attorneys on staff.


School and College Legal Services
5350 Skylane Blvd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Tel: (707) 524-2690
Fax: (707) 578-0517

SCLS Staff

Jennifer E. Nix, General Counsel
Jennifer Henry, Senior Associate General Counsel
Nancy L. Klein, Senior Associate General Counsel
Damara L. Moore, Senior Associate General Counsel
Steven P. Reiner, Associate General Counsel
Kaitlyn A. Schwendeman, Associate General Counsel
Leah M. Smith, Associate General Counsel
Loren W. Soukup, Senior Associate General Counsel
Erin E. Stagg, Associate General Counsel

Robert J. Henry, Of Counsel
Frank Zotter Jr., Of Counsel

Erica W. Anderson, Legal Office Manager
Tracy Church, Paralegal
April Tinelli, Department Accounting Coordinator
Kelly Maul, Legal Receptionist
Hilary Lyon, Legal Receptionist