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Humboldt County Office of Education: Substitute Permitting Process

Substitute Permitting Process

I want to be a substitute teacher

OK, here are the steps.

Step 1: Order Official Transcripts

 Transcripts must be in a sealed envelope. We suggest you request they be sent to you and then you hand deliver to us in the sealed envelope

Enrolled College Seniors

Order official transcript in sealed envelope that verifies current enrollment and completion of 90 semester units

Four-Year Degree Holders

Order official transcript in sealed envelope that verifies degree

Step 2: Obtain official score report that verifies you have met the Basic Skills requirement through one of the following options:

CSU: Early Assessment Program or CSU Placement Exam
ACT or SAT score

(Sat 500 or higher in Critical Reading and 550 or higher in Math,
ACT requires 22 or higher in English and 23 or higher in math)

Step 3: Visit the personnel office at HCOE

Pay HCOE $32 in cash or check for Live Scan form

Get copy of CTC Live Scan form
(also available online but DO NOT PAY CTC ONLINE)

Get copy of CTC application (form 41-4)

Step 4: Get LiveScan Fingerprinting

Bring HCOE form & CTC form to Live Scan location

You will get two sets of prints and pay a processing fee ($15-$35) for each, as well as the $49 CTC fee 

Step 5: Make appointment to deliver complete application packet to HCOE including:

  • Transcripts in sealed envelopes
  • Verification of Basic Skills
  • Hard Copy of CTC form 41-4
  • $102.50 CTC permit fee payable by debit or credit only

(Plan to spend 30 minutes doing online CTC application while at HCOE)

Step 6: Follow Up

  • Check online to see if your permit has been processed by CTC
  • Visit and apply to districts where you want to sub
  • You will need mandated reporter training annually and TB clearance every 4 years
  • Questions?  Visit or call HCOE at 901 Myrtle Ave. Eureka (445-7039).