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Humboldt County Office of Education: PG&E Continues Their Lineman Tour

PG&E Continues Their Lineman Tour

PG&E Continues Their Lineman Tour

The Linemen of Humboldt County Pacific Gas & Electric have been mighty busy the last several weeks. Students at Hoopa Valley High School received an excellent presentation from three HVHS alumnae all of whom are now Linemen with PG&E. All three alumnae shared their stories of how they got in their field and their success. The volunteers from PG&E informed students how to enter into the world of being a Lineman and the students were then treated to a tour of the PG&E truck and repair equipment.

Mr. Johnson, the Auto Shop teacher at HVHS, was also surprised when he received a donation of twelve small engines to be used for hands-on training by students to learn automotive basics in a small space. Jack Sheppard, our Regional Trades Liaison, secured the donation of the engines from a source out of the area.

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