Humboldt County Office of Education: Multilingual Support Services (MLSS)

Multilingual Support Services

Part of HCOE’s Learning Support Services

Who are we?

We are a dedicated team whose primary focus is to help our multilingual communities equitably participate in their children’s education.

Our Vision

  • Help educators & parents support the preservation of the home language(s) 
  • Help educators add English to students’ repertoire of language
  • Promote awareness of community resources
  • Help students and parents feel part of the community
  • Support students to graduate and attend higher education or vocational programs
  • Celebrate our students with county-wide events

What services do we provide?

We strengthen communication between educators, parents, students, and the larger community. We provide professional development/parent training, translation and interpretation services, and support schools with inclusive communication. We help keep the community connected and share accurate information about our schools in Humboldt County.

Communities of Practice

Multilingual Learner Collaborative

The Multilingual Learner Collaborative (MLC) is a group for educators working with multilingual learners in the county. We bring you the most current CDE news, ELPAC news and much more. Come with questions, leave with answers and plans for improvements.

Working with Interpreters & Translators Collaborative

The Working with Interpreters & Translators Collaborativee (WIT) is a group for those who work directly with interpreters & translators. We offer tips and best practices, how to’s for requesting services, payment processes, and we bring in local individuals to answer your questions.

Collaborative of Interpreters and Translators

The Working with Interpreters & Translators Collaborativee (WIT) is a group for local interpreters & translators gather to share and learn from others in similar fields locally, with the common goal to aid those with language barriers. We meet regularly throughout the year.

Interpretation & Translation

Liaison Work

We can help bridge communications with your school’s families! Use our Service Request Form to request this service.

Interpretation – Spoken

We offer oral interpretation for parent phone calls, parent teacher conferences, IEPs, 504s, and more. Use our Service Request Form to request this service. Please give us at least a two week notice for any meeting.

Need something sooner? Contact a local interpreter. 

Translation – Written

We can help spread your message and keep your parents informed via written translation; fliers, IEP documents, assessment reports, and much more. Use our Service Request Form to request this service. Please give us at least a 2-3 week notice for any document translation.

Need something sooner? Contact a local translator. 


We offer trainings to district staff as well as parent. To request a training on any of the following, use our Service Request Form.

  • ELPAC (English Language Proficiency Assessments for California)
  • ELAC/DELAC (District or Site Level English Learner Advisory Committee)
  • ELD (English Language Development

Multilingual Support Staff

Agustin Amaro, M.Ed.
Agustin Amaro, M.Ed.
Learning Specialist, Language Learner Programs/History-Social Science
Erisan Villafana Torres
Erisan Villafana Torres
Community Liaison