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Threat Assessment | Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Threat Assessment?

Threat assessment is intended to prevent violence and involves both assessment and intervention. Threat assessment involves determining whether a student poses a threat of violence (they have intent and means to carry out the threat)

When Should a Threat Assessment Take Place?

Most students who pose a substantive threat indicate their intentions in some way. Examples include statements to friends, ideas in written work, drawings, and postings on social media that threaten harm.

It is important act quickly if you are concerned about a threat. Steps to take can include contacting the appropriate school administrator, the school crisis team leader, the school-employed mental health professional, or local law enforcement immediately. It is their job to determine next steps, including potentially contacting named intended victims.

Who should administer a Threat Assessment?

Each school site should have a Threat Assessment team, as no assessment should be done by an individual

What is a Threat Assessment Team?

A multidisciplinary threat assessment team, in conjunction with the appropriate policies, tools, and training, is the best practice for preventing future tragedies . . . Tangible steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood that any student would cause harm, or be harmed, at school.” (National Threat Assessment Center, 2019, p. v

Where Can I Find a Threat Assessment Template?

A threat assessment template created by HCOE and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office can be downloaded here.

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Peter Stoll, Ph.D.
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