ID Title
Concepts and Roles in Community Relations
1100 Communication with the Public
1111 Printing and Publishing Materials
1112 Media Relations
1120 School Accountability Report Card
1210 Parent-Teacher-Student Association_Relations with Board of Education
1220 Advisory Committees
1221 Citizen Assistance to Board of Education_Purposes
1240 Volunteer Services
1250 Visits to the Schools
1250       Administrative Regulation
1251 Loitering or Causing a Disturbance
1260 Rising Stars Foundation
1310 Relations Between the Community and the Public Schools
1310       Administrative Regulation
1311 Political Activities of School Employees
1312 Complaints Concerning the Schools
1312.2 Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials
1312.2       Administrative Regulation
1312.3 Complaints Concerning Special Education Programs/Due Process
1312.4 Uniform Complaint Procedures
1312.4       Administrative Regulation
1312.4       Exhibit
1312.5 Uniform Complaint Procedures for Instructional Materials, School Facilities
and Teacher Certification
1312.5       Exhibit
1313 Gifts to County Office of Education Personnel
1314 Soliciting Funds from Office of Education Personnel
1315 Claims or Actions Against Humboldt County Office of Education or Any of its Officers and Employees
1320 Relations Between Public and Students
1330 Community Use of Office of Education Facilities
1330       Administrative Regulation
1330       Attachment A – Meeting Room List
1330       Attachment B – Facility Use Fee Schedule
1330       Attachment C – Application for Use of Facilities
1330       Attachment D – Sample List of Users
1335 Use of the Sequoia Conference Center
1335       Administrative Regulation
1335       Attachment A – Rental Agreement
1335       Attachment B – General Information
1335       Attachment D – Fee Schedule
1335       Attachment F – Pre-Use/After-Use Inspection Form
1340 Access to Office of Education Records
1340       Administrative Regulation
1350 Use of Facilities_Prohibition of Tobacco
1350       Administrative Regulation
1400 Relations Between Other Governmental Agencies and the Schools